Online Referral Program

Be the Face of Leading Hotel Technology

Drive your clients towards operational excellence by helping them discover leading hotel technology, and get rewarded in return.

How does it work?

1. Introduce your leads to Amenitiz

2. Referral joins Amenitiz

3. Earn

Any clients or contacts in your network who may benefit from Amenitiz? Introduce them to us through an online lead delivery form.

Our team will take good care of your lead and will keep you up to date about the status. If he signs, time for reward!

For every successful referral, earn up to 20% on their total annual deal value.

How much can you earn?


on annual deal value

Tier 1

0 - 5 successful referrals


on annual deal value

Tier 2

more than 5 successful referrals

Who is this for?

Consultants in Hospitality

Anyone consulting hoteliers on Management, Revenue, Operations, Distribution, or Marketing.

Anyone with an audience

Anyone who has a large network in Hospitality and is considered as influential.

Why should you join?

Additional revenue stream

The program is easy to join, does not demand too much from you and it will be highly rewarding

Better results for your clients

Our proven record of positive results enables you to introduce Amenitiz without worries.

Access to knowledge base

Ready-to-use marketing assets and a dedicated team to help you with questions

Co-marketing opportunities

Gain visibility by running co-webinars with us and get listed as a certified Amenitiz Preferred Partner.

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